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Rosario Free Tour

It’s priceless!

No, really!

We know what you are thinking. You are saying to yourself, “Now wait just a minute, nothing is free in this world. Where is the catch?” There is no catch. After years of providing tourists with quality Spanish language courses, we saw a genuine need for an inclusive tour of the city we love. We began by giving tours to our students but when the demand began to grow, we decided to open it up to the public with the philosophy that it should be truly open and accessible to everyone, not exclusively tourists. This is why we sought forgotten anecdotes, hidden secrets and unknown mysteries of Rosario, so that even locals can feel like tourists in their own city and we did so with the idea that the cost of the tour should be in your hands. You pay only what you think it is worth or what your budget will allow for.

So, at the end of the tour, if you weren’t impressed, you simply walk away. On the contrary, if it totally rocked your world, we hope you will let us know by whatever means you see fit. If those means are simply telling the world how awesome we are, we will be forever grateful to you!

So, what do you have to lose?


What Our Happy Walkers Say

Federico Poiana

Rosario, Argentina

Hice el tour con un nativo de EEUU para practicar mi inglés. Al ser nacido en la ciudad, pensé que iba a saber todos los datos. ¡me equivoque! Me sentí un turista en mi ciudad. El precio es el que uno le ponga dependiendo de su satisfacción. Yo por mi parte le dejé el equivalente a dos entradas de cine porque lo disfruté muchísimo.

Sabine Panneau


I spent a great time walking around Rosario and learning more about the city and its history. Though I had been living here for nearly 4 years, I discovered so many things that most Rosarinos don't even know. I would certainly recommend this walk to anyone visiting or living in Rosario!

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