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90 Che!

90 Che! Sin duda, el Che es uno de los íconos internacionales que dio a luz nuestra ciudad hace ya 90 años. Es un personaje que hasta el día de hoy suscita emociones contrapuestas con una historia que merece ser contada desde su lugar natal.Mural...

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Eternal Love

One of our favorite things to do here at RFT is to delve into the hidden treasures of local history. That is to say, we aren't content with merely recounting commonly known anecdotes about the city. We want even the born-and-raised Rosarino to walk with us...

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The City

Positioned on the banks of the river Paraná, (Paraná coming from the native Guaraní language meaning “Family of the Sea”) Rosario is the third largest city in Argentina, and resides just 300 km (a 4 hour drive) from Buenos Aires. New to the international tourist circuit, Rosario has a the quaint feel of a cosmopolitan city in the making.

Meeting Place

Each and every Saturday at 10:00am, rain or shine, one or our guides will be waiting for you on the steps of the Old Customs House, where Maipú Street ends at Urquiza, to guide you on a 100% tip-based walking tour of Rosario. He or...

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The Walk

Over the course of 2 hours we will meander our way through the history and anecdotes of Rosario's treasures and troves, weaving together for you both an entertaining and informative tour of the city. We recommend you come ready to walk, listen, feel, taste, and...

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